Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Environment

Although the United Kingdom is not one of the world’s most polluted countries, you can still help mitigate the global pollution issue, as a citizen or a resident. Pollution is everybody’s problem. It can affect the quality of life and the safety and welfare of every citizen of the country. While the current damage to the environment is mostly irreversible, there are still ways to help reduce its effects and save what’s left.

Switch to green transportation

Companies like Green Tomato Cars offer environment-friendly taxi and courier options. Their fleet includes green vehicles such as the Tesla Model S and Toyota Mirai, which produce zero emissions. If you can avail of green transportation and logistics services, you can contribute to minimising the amount of carbon emissions in the air. Apart from booking an eco-friendly ride, perhaps you can try using bicycles, invest in a hybrid car, or use public transportation.

Conserve water at all times 

An average person in the UK consumes roughly 150 litres of water. You can reduce that by following a few steps. First of all, be more mindful of your water consumption. When you brush your teeth, don’t leave the tap running. If you have a leaky sink or toilet, have them fixed immediately. Instead of using the bath, why not use the shower from time to time? Can you imagine how much water you can conserve if you practice these tips?

Minimise use of electricity 

The United Kingdom sources energy from nuclear, coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants. By minimising your power consumption, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint plus your monthly electric bill. Turning off unnecessary lights in your house alone for the whole day can help you save £86 a year. Switching to more eco-friendly light fixtures can also significantly reduce your monthly power consumption.

Some other useful tips to conserve electricity are unplugging unused appliances or gadgets, washing clothes in cold water, installing solar panels and adjusting thermostat settings to atleast one degree lower.

Recycle, reduce and reuse 

While “reuse, reduce and recycle” is probably the most old-school environmental tip in the world, a lot of people still forget to put this into practice. You may be surprised by how creating a compost heap alone can help you reduce the amount of organic waste dumped into landfill sites.

You don’t need a large compost pit. A small pot is enough; just cut the organic material into little bits and prepare the container. You will need to cut small strips of paper, then layer them in the pot. Afterwards, you need to pile paper, soil and worms before throwing in the scraps. Repeat the process twice to give the worms enough time to process the debris.

We hope you put into practice our tips such as using green transportation, saving water and minimising your electricity consumption. A little goes along way, so why don’t you start today? And, spread the word as well!