Nail Colour for Your Everyday Moods

Let’s face it: nail polish is the ultimate partner of every fashion junkie out there. A bottle costs just a few pounds and can last you for years—and you can choose from an endless variety of colours. Moreover, changing the colour of your nails is incredibly easy.

Just like clothes, there are endless ways to mix and match nail polish colours, meaning there are just as many ways to express yourself merely by colouring your nails. The best part is that you can stack up as many nail polish bottles as you can, but storage will never be a problem because they can comfortably fit in a box.

One of the things that nail colours express is a mood. What makes them so perfect for the job is that you can change them as quickly as your mood swings.

Colour your nails according to your mood 

Many studies have dissected the psychology behind colours and moods. However, the findings are mostly the same. Here are the usual feelings associated with colours, and vice versa:

  • Red. Red is often correlated to fire and strong enthusiasm because of its warm hue. Since it is the colour of blood, red can also mean energy, passion, and desire. If you are feeling energetic, alert, or vigorous, wear red.
  • Pink. A lighter shade of red, pink also signifies passion, but it does so in a more suppressed sense. Pink represents friendship and romance. Paint your nails pink if you are in the mood for puppy love.
  • Orange. Orange is a warm colour that represents warmth and joy. Although it is a hot colour just like red, it is more subdued.
  • Gold. People who feel bold, wealthy, and are not afraid to show it, like wearing gold.
  • Yellow. Because it is the colour of sunshine and brightness, yellow is worn when feeling confident and happy.
  • Green. Perhaps the colour closest to nature, green symbolises harmony and growth. People who are feeling at peace often wear it.
  • Aqua. This refreshing colour that lies somewhere between blue and green represents renewed enthusiasm.
  • Blue. Blue symbolises loyalty, wisdom, and stability. That is why many people wear blue in job interviews. Why not do the same for your nails?
  • Purple. This hue represents royalty, wealth, and dominance. Wear it on your nails if you are feeling so.
  • White. Innocence, purity, and integrity are often the mood of people who wear white.
  • Black. If you are feeling mysterious or want to present yourself as enigmatic, you can colour your nails black. This colour often represents the unknown, so leave them guessing.

Let creativity show  

There are countless colours of nail polish in the market, and companies like Jealous Nail Supplies will show you that some brands name their palette with unique names, instead of “red”, “orange”, “yellow”, and so on. If they can be creative, then that means you can be too.

Let your creativity show in your nails.