Job Opportunities Available for Home-Based Workers

For those who want to start working as a home-based employee but have no idea what careers are available online, check the types of jobs below to see what descriptions fit your credentials best.

Marketing affiliate

With affiliate marketing, you earn commissions through sale referrals. The key to generating sales with this scheme is to distribute the referral link to platforms generating traffic to their website.


There’s a high demand for bilingual employees by international companies to accommodate customers from a different background. Use your knowledge with languages and act as an online translator of transcripts and articles.

Virtual assistant

An organised person with excellent communication skills, who can handle multitasking, has the potential to become a virtual assistant. The job entails coordinating calendars, booking events, and answering calls. The work is laborious but pays well; some employers also offer performance-based incentives and bonuses.

Social media marketing strategist

This field of work involves knowing how search engines work, effective digital marketing, gaining social media presence, and familiarity with fads. Visit popular local and international websites because they regularly hire social media marketing strategist for their team.

Home tutor

Since home tutoring requires teachers to have a face-to-face interaction with clients to teach them better, you’ll need a working computer, a quiet room, camera, and mic. Patience and ability to communicate and deliver information effectively are factors for successful home tutoring.

Product tester

Having a social media following is an effective way of getting approved by companies to become their product’s tester and influencer. Some sponsor products, while people with a larger fan base are offered payments to feature items on their platforms.

Application developer

For tech-savvy people, developing a game can be an ideal income. There are applications available which help build games suitable for Windows, Mac, and Android. Put a price tag on your application upon publication or distribute it for free and build an in-game purchasing system to earn a profit.

Blogger and vlogger

Find your niche and start building online content from that. Payment as a vlogger comes from view counts, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. However, keep in mind that earning as a blogger or vlogger takes time since the source of revenue comes from the traffic produced by your platform.

Life coaching

Working as a life coach usually requires credentials and background to be hired. Since you’ll be helping people manage their lifestyle, you need to be a professional who can handle difficult situations with your clients.

Printing store

You can set up a printing store If you want to showcase your designs and merchandise, and market your products, like the suppliers of printed clothing in Edinburgh where they cater to big corporations to assist them with promotional marketing. This way you’ll attract bulk buyers from large companies.

If none of the listed position suits your skills, there are still a plethora of choices available on the Internet. With patience and perseverance, you will soon find a job that fits you.