Benefits of Escape Room Games in Team-Building

Company team buildings are one of the ways for stressed employees to take a break and let their hair down. However, team building activities tend to be unimaginative. Some team building ends up being social events instead of achieving the real goals of strengthening team dynamics and teamwork.

An emerging trend in company team building is participating in escape rooms. Escape room games are role-playing games where participants locked inside a room need to solve a mystery to get out. You can choose from a variety of themes such as haunted houses, haunted asylums, murder mystery, science laboratory, fantasy world, and many more. Teamwork is an essential element to solve an escape room game. Because of this, escape room games are a popular alternative to ordinary team building activities. Here are the advantages of escape room games for team-building.

Participants work towards a common goal  

The primary goal is to solve the mystery and escape the room, possibly in the least amount of time. Like how employees are expected to perform in their own departments, each participant in an escape room game has a specific role leading towards achieving the goal. This activity helps employees reorient themselves on the importance of their roles in meeting team requirements and reaching departmental goals within a specific amount of time.

Team leaders can assess and resolve conflict 

Participants in an escape room game are likely to come into conflict especially when there is time pressure. Team leaders can determine how each employee deals with conflict in their own way. It will be easier to determine which employees require an intervention, and who among the employees handles disputes better.

Practice getting into the right mindset 

One of the challenges team managers and department heads deal with is getting employees in the proper mindset to achieve a specific goal. Each employee either has the mindset for growth or is fixed on the idea that there is nothing they can do. An escape room game can help managers identify which employee has a fixed mindset, which might be useful later.

Addressing disruptive behaviour 

While most employees either struggle with resolving conflict, problem-solving skills, or being in the right mindset, there are a few who have disruptive behaviour. It is not always easy to identify this while at work, but an escape room game can easily help pinpoint which employee has this type of response. Disruptive behaviour can be any of the following: being too quiet and having no productive input, it can be the employee who jokes around a lot, or it can be the employee who complains and whines about everything.

Escape room games are engaging and exciting. It is not your ordinary team-building activity. These benefits help not only the employees but the team managers and departmental heads as well. What happens before, during, and after solving the mystery provides useful information that can aid in effective assessment for the improvement of each team member.