5 Unique Wedding Cake Alternatives

The traditional wedding cake has a long history as a symbol of luck and good fortune—from ancient Rome to medieval England. The rituals associated with the wedding cake have disappeared over time and now have become a status symbol. With its elaborate design, the wedding cake has become a centrepiece that people enjoy for its appearance instead of its taste. There are times when the wedding cake isn’t even a cake at all, with foam layers.

For those who are looking for a tastier alternative, many desserts and treats can step up and become your “wedding cake”. Any dessert can replace your cake, but here are five that stand out based on their affordability, uniqueness, and popularity among the general public.

  1. Cannoli. Cannoli is an Italian pastry that can be sweet or savoury. It is a tube-shaped pastry dough filled with a ricotta mixture. You can add anything you want with it; a favourite dessert version integrates dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips. Traditionally prepared during festivals, it will not be an odd addition to your wedding considering its history with similar events. Its small size makes it convenient for people to eat and for bulk orders.
  1. Doughnuts. Doughnuts are another dessert that can take centre stage. Doughnuts are relatively simple to make. They can be baked or fried. There is no limit to shapes and flavours. You can select from ring doughnuts with toppings or a glaze, filled doughnuts with jams or jelly, or simple doughnut balls dusted with sugar. Instead of choosing one kind, you can have an assortment for your guests to sample. You can also integrate savoury options for those who aren’t fond of sweets.
  1. Parfait. A more elegant alternative to a wedding cake is parfait, a frozen dessert made with sugar, eggs, and cream, and topped with seasonal fruits, chocolate, and other sweet combinations. As an added design element, you can use fruits that are complementary to your wedding scheme. The downside to a parfait is that it is tricky to make when in the hands of someone inexperienced. You can fill the mixture with ice crystals. Remember to check the quality before sending it out.
  1. Pie and turnovers. Pies and turnovers are a favourite dessert. They have a warm and homey feel. If you have a country themed wedding with more rustic and home elements, replacing your wedding cake with pie is a good alternative. You can also have savoury option as well.
  1. Cheesecake. For those who are a little bit braver, you can opt for a cheesecake. No, not the baked or frozen type. Cheese wedding cakes consist of wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other. They have the semblance of a traditional wedding cake but with a savoury twist. They are statement pieces for cheese lovers.

There are many different alternatives to a four-tiered wedding cake. Branch out and look at the possibilities. Which one do you want for your wedding?

Image: Pixabay.com